Photography Services

Commercial Real Estate

  • Interior and exterior
  • Store by store
  • Across the street
  • Faces and license plate blurring
  • No drone photography

Residential Real Estate

  • Interior and exterior
  • 3 grades available to suit your budget
  • Photoshop photos you supply
  • Quick turn-around, providing MLS ready files
  • Nominal to free reshooting exterior for season change
  • Dusk photography available
  • No drone photography

Photography for Restaurants

  • Photos of your restaurant: Interior and Exterior
  • Food Photography
  • Staff Photography
  • Photographing events


  • Photos of the exterior, interior shots of common areas of your inn, hotel, bed & breakfast, airBnB, campgrounds and the like
  • Photograph sample rooms, or each room
  • Photoshopping photos guests have submitted

Photography for Businesses

  • Photos of your business or store: Interior and Exterior
  • Photos of your business events
    • Golf and other tournaments
    • Business meet and greets, networking, annual meetings, etc.
    • Grand openings and ribbon cuttings
    • Sorry, no weddings or other personal events
  • Employee photos (portraits)

Construction Photography

  • Construction progress photography
  • Finished houe or commercial building, interior and exterior for your portfolio
  • Staff group photos

Photo Retouching and Photo Printing

  • I am a seasoned photo printer, and Photoshop expert. Can retouch photographs taken by others to maximize their look and appeal
  • is a custom photo printing businesss, and also can partner with other printers for large murals, posters, trade show graphics, etc.