What are your rates?

Rates are based on level of work, equipment used, staff that were hired, travel, industry, and market area. We provide estimate contracts before a session.

Do I own the image?

No, I own the copyright from the moment I create the image, but, will provide you a license to use it. I have only sold the copyright once in my life.

What is your travel policy?

Generally speaking, within about 30 minutes one way is no-charge. (I know, I used minutes, not miles) After that, $75/hour travel per person, plus $.60/mile.

Locations over 2 hours may require overnight, lodging and meals charges may apply.

Can I be on set with you?

Yes! Please do, though you must be very careful when within the set. If I am shooting via laptop, you'll be able to see the image on the monitor.

Are you doing any weddings?

I have only been photographing weddings for friends and families. After many years of capturing that wonderful day, I found my heart was not in it as I thought it should be. That was some time ago.

To note, I was trained by Miller Studio of Quincy and Bacharach Studio of Boston, and have done many weddings on my own, and as a freelance for various studios.