Photography for Hotels, B&B's, Inns, and Motels

A vacation is built on an expectation of a great memory to come. My photos put them right there and provide a feeling of the lodging. This is no time to get cheap, photograph your lodging properly. Just one added stay can pay for the photography shoot.

KH Vacation House in Sanbornton, NH

The shoot featured full lighting with camera through laptop.

Nordic Inn in Lincoln, NH

We photographed three types of suites available so potential guests can get an idea of what they may get. I once photographed every room at an in Gilford. Took three days. Nordic Inn has WAY too many though.

Picture View Cottages in Bristol, NH in 2012

We photographed the grounds and several cabins for Pine Valley Cabins. This shoot was more of an economical shoot using mainly existing light and on camera flash. Also of note was the Nikon D70 camera used. Today's cameras are superior, just like your phone's cameras have improved so much.

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